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Archive for June of 2006

Dominoblogs.com revisited

laurette rynne - June 02, 2006
Ok, so I completely missed blogging in May, but that doesn't mean we haven't been working. Tim & I have just relaunched the new-look (and hopefully more functional) Dominoblogs.com.

We have added some additional features like the ability to view blogs by region, title, author or category, rss feeds to the new entries, and the ability to store a bit more information about your blog (languages, content tags, SnTT feeds).

Now, before anyone jumps in - this is still a work-in-progress. We are hoping OPML builders and search functions will be available soon.

There has been a bit of discussion over at Jake Howlett's site about exactly what dominoblogs.com should provide - the old UI was (correctly) critised, but I hope we've sorted most of the biggies out with the new interface. The discussion also turned to a mechanism for rating blogs - some are looking for "I like reading this blog", others for "I know this is mostly technical stuff about Domino". There have been some interesting suggestions on ways this could be done, but I don't think we'll start to build anything until the community at large is sure of what it wants.

From my point of view I still think ratings are dangerous, and intimidating to new players, but it does seem like something that people want. While I like the simplicity of Ben's suggestion of a simple category system, I think anything which requires people to constantly update a rating system is kind of doomed to failure.

Anyway - head over and have a look and let us know what you think.

PS. There is also a link button which you could add to your site to help advertise dominoblogs.com